Scarfs & Beanies

Keep your little angel warm and toasty all year round with an array of duty scarfs and beanies. Whatever the weather report, you want to be able to adjust your baby’s wardrobe to suit their temperature at any moment. Scarfs and beanies are a great way to add warmth where and when your baby needs it most. Browse the My Little Wardrobe selection of cosy accessories below and pick your favorites. Whether autumn has arrived, you’re heading into winter, or simply experiencing some fresh spring mornings, scarfs and beanies are a quick and easy way to add warmth to your baby’s wardrobe. Baby’s struggle to regulate their body temperature, so of course, you have to help them out. Scarfs and beanies are easy to put on or take off as your baby needs, making them a low-effort, high style solution. Read More


Stylish Scarfs and Beanies for Babies 

Not only are scarfs and beanies highly functional, but they are fashionable too. You can add a statement or pop of color to your baby’s outfit simply by popping a beanie on their little head! Take a dress-and-leggings look to the next level with a coordinated scarf, or add warmth to a jacket-and-jeans style. The options are nearly endless with a handful of curated baby accessories and headwear. Functional baby clothes are great, but fashionable baby clothes are even better! 

Scarfs and beanies are great transitional pieces for autumn and spring and are staples for winter. In some parts of the United States, temperatures plummet during the winter and it's your job to keep your baby comfortable and cosy all season long. We tend to lose a lot of warmth from the tops of our heads, so beanies are essential to regulating your little one’s body temperature. 

We curate our baby clothes and accessories with a keen eye. All the products available from My Little Wardrobe are made from soft, durable materials and designed to last. They combine form and function, giving you bang for your buck and high quality to boot. 


Super Fast Shipping and Great Customer Service 

There are several reasons why shopping with My Little Wardrobe is an awesome experience. For starters, we offer great customer service. If you have any questions about our products, simply head to the Contact Us page and send us your query. One of our friendly customer service team members will respond to you promptly with a great solution. Once you’ve picked out your favorite baby products and placed your order, we’ll pack and ship them as quickly as possible. You won’t have to wait long for a parcel to arrive on your doorstep! 

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