Nappy Bags & Backpacks

All parents know that leaving the house with a young child isn’t as simple as grabbing your keys and going out the door; it requires planning, packing, foresight and an arsenal of tools and equipment. You need to bring nappies, bottles, rash cream, baby wipes, dummies, spare clothes – where are you supposed to put it all? A functional, purpose-made nappy bag is the answer. Nappy bags have all the pockets and storage space you need, whether it’s for a trip to the park, a dinner at a restaurant or a day with the grandparents. The best place to find stylish, functional and affordable nappy bags in Australia is My Little Wardrobe, the country’s favourite online store for all things baby and children. We stock clothing, accessories, nursery décor, toys and of course bags from local businesses and global brands, accommodating to all styles and budgets and providing you with a place where you can shop all you need on the same website. Read More

What To Put In The Nappy Bag

You have probably seen them all across the country as a nappy bag in backpack form takes Australia by storm, and for good reason. It is not hard to understand why so many parents are looking for nappy bag backpacks to store all the vital equipment you need for your baby when out and about. Here at My Little Wardrobe, we have a range of stylish nappy backpacks online, and you can have them delivered anywhere in Australia. With on-trend and practical designs, why go anywhere else?

When it’s time to go out for an adventure with your baby, it’s important to prepare for all scenarios. A hungry baby, diaper changes, weather shifts and even vomiting are all possibilities. Pack a nappy bag with:

  • Nappies
  • Plastic bags to dispose of used nappies
  • Rash cream
  • Mat or blanket to change diapers on
  • Baby wipes and tissues/cloth wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Snacks (for you and baby)
  • Dummies
  • Water bottle
  • Toys
  • Formula dispenser
  • Breastfeeding cover
  • Bib and spoons
  • Hat for baby
  • Sunscreen

What to Look for in a Nappy Bag

  • A nappy bag should be big enough that you can fit everything you need in it; it’s a long list and they’re all essential.
  • There should be pockets so that the bag can stay tidy and organised and less rummaging around is required, it makes for less hassle and quicker access.
  • The bag should have washable interior lining and an exterior that’s also easy to clean; babies are messy, and the bag is very likely to get dirty. It’s important to keep it hygienic and sanitary for health reasons.
  • Nappy bags should close securely so that nothing falls out.
  • The shoulder straps should be adjustable, and the bag needs to be easy to carry, you’ll be lugging it around a lot and you don’t want to make things harder for yourself.
  • This bag needs to be of good quality and sturdy, as it is something you will need to rely on for several years to come. In the long run, it’s cheaper to invest in a good bag rather than having to replace it frequently.

The Beauty Of The Nappy Bag Backpacks

So often with little ones, you need your hands to be free, so you can get everything sorted. A nappy backpack is an ideal solution. You can easily carry it on your shoulders and be confident that you have everything you need for whatever may happen. As parents, you will know that babies can be unpredictable, but with our nappy backpacks, you can carry spare nappies, wipes, clothes, feeding bottles and anything else you may need. With a nappy backpack, you can have the best of both worlds. When you do not need to carry it, you can attach it to your pram’s handles or stow it away in the basket.

Many of our backpacks come with handy pockets to the rear of the backpack where you can put your phone, purse or keys and rest assured that it is more secure when you are wearing your backpack. We stock a range of different styles from great designers, including Vanchi, Leopard Diva and Le Queen. Why not browse through today and pick your favourite? Each bag has been designed with parents in mind. You will find pockets and sections for organising your nappy backpack so that you know where everything is for when you need it most.

Why Buy Nappy Bags & Backpacks from My Little Wardrobe?

At My Little Wardrobe, we also help you stay on trend with our range of stylish nappy tote bags, baby clothing, baby sneakers, accessories and nursery items. We are your one-stop-shop for all your baby and children’s needs. With various price points, there is something to suit everyone, and all new parents can enjoy the quality range that we sell. We are an Australian owned and operated company, and we are based in the Gold Coast, Queensland. We help you to get the best for your baby, and we deliver throughout Australia.

When you spend over $120, we offer free delivery, so why not browse through the rest of our website and see what else you love to take advantage of this great offer? If you are looking to buy nappy backpacks in Australia, look no further than My Little Wardrobe for a great experience and stylish design. To find out what our previous customers have thought about us, read through our customers’ reviews; we are sure that you will love what you read.

Get your precious bundle of joy or the new mum in your life one of our stylish nappy backpacks, and both she and baby can enjoy this wonderful gift every day when they are off on life’s little adventures. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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